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As a recognized leader in Insurance Asset Management Consulting, we are employee owned and unaffiliated with firms that manage money for our clients. By separating “investment consulting” from “investment management”, we advise on a client’s investments only. In this way CapVisor seeks to avoid the conflicts inherent with providing advice and then implementing that advice. We are trusted by our clients to provide them with fair and balanced investment advice. We are an SEC-registered Investment Advisor with over 1.25 billion in assets and over 150 years combined experience in working with insurance companies.

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Insurance Solutions

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  • Evaluating manager performance on a “risk-adjusted basis”, rather than a “nominal” basis (returns vs benchmark) is the key to understanding manager “skill”.
  • How does our manager’s performance compare to other similar managers?
  • Has our manager designed our portfolio structure using asset liability management (ALM) techniques?
  • Does our manager’s style align with our investment philosophy? Is our Investment Plan documentation (Investment Policy Statement and guidelines) boilerplate or is it truly reflective of our company’s financial positon, investment objectives, risk profile, regulatory environment and lifecycle status?
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  • Are we missing out on return opportunities due to limited usage of appropriate asset classes?
  • Have we created a risk barbell of conservative bonds on one end and risk assets, like equities on the other?
  • How can we improve our risk-adjusted returns and smooth out investment program’s performance over time?
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  • Is our Investment Plan documentation boilerplate, or does it reflect investment objectives, risk profile, regulatory environment and lifecycle status?
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Insurance Asset Management

We correlate your investment strategy with your business objectives and risk tolerance, and anticipate changes in your circumstances and securities market trends in order to maximize risk-adjusted return and protect portfolio principal and liquidity. We utilize Asset Liability Management (ALM) techniques and use a component approach to align assets with company structure.

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Serving Insurers across industries

Property & Casualty

US Mutual Insurers (NAMIC Members, et al.)
US Commercial Insurers (Stock Companies)
Off-Shore Insurers


Alternative Risk Vehicles (P&C and Life)

Risk Retention Groups
Cell structures and rent-a Captives
Self Insurers (SIIA Members, et al.)
Risk Pools
Other, Run-offs, decommissioning trusts, etc.

Life & Health

US Mutual Insurers (NAMIC & PCI Members, et al.)
US Commercial Insurers (Stock Companies)
Off-shore Insurers


The CapVisor Philosophy

We have learned in over 140 years of combined insurance/investment industry experience that our service is best provided by ensuring:

Insurance Analytics

Full Cycle Service


We serve clients throughout the whole process, from start to finish. We offer support across investment planning, manager selection and program monitoring to allow our clients to focus on what really matters.

Centralized control

Centralized control and accountability

Our client servicing model has been perfected over years of experience in the industry. Our small, highly specialized and dedicated team ensures that every client will have an individualized, highly accountable service.

Asset growth

Advice that avoids typical conflicts and biases

We are an independent employee owned insurance investment advisory firm providing comprehensive fair and balanced advice in a fiduciary capacity. Our focused team of experts is drawn from across the insurance industry with a goal to help our clients optimize their investment results.

With Offices in Atlanta, New York, Detroit & Boston

CapVisor Associates
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Telephone: +1 (973) 665-6370

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